With the purpose of encouraging creation of artistic practices in both electronic and visual formats, calls all visual, video-artists, filmmakers, animators and creators to the 2st International Biennial in Videoart and Animation Puebla 2016 (VEA), which is looking forward to reactivate and visualize new artistic practices within the city’s environment and also generate dialogues with the international artistic production.



Puebla’s local government, through Puebla’s Municipal Institute of Art and Culture.



Any creator, independently from their nationality or country, can participate if they’re over 18 years old, with a minimum of one work of art, and a maximum of three, produced within the last 3 years that have video or animation as a base; the subject matter is free. Works may have a minimum length of 2 minutes, and a maximum of 15 minutes, regardless of the recording or register format; in the case of video installations, there’s no limit.



1. Download and fill the registration format (Download Here).

2. Send the link to the uploaded video through “YOUTUBE”.

3. Scan and send an official identification (Voting Credential, Passport, Military Service Card, Driver’s License or Professional License). 

4. If the work of art requires any specific assembling, the artist must attach an assembling graphic as a guide.

5. Technical specifications sheet that contain the following information:

          -Name of the author

          -Piece’s title


          -Year of creation




Send the requirements to the following e-mail:  exposicionesimacp@gmail.com

The deadline for registration process is Friday, June 24, 2016, at 12:00.



A jury integrated by specialists of recognized artistic and intellectual solvency will evaluate and select the registered Works. Their judgement will be irrevocable, and delivered before the exhibition.

The jury may give some suggestions or even indications for a right assembly and presentation of the selected Works in the exhibition.

If needed, some pieces will include a brief text explaining its concept.

If the register corresponds to a collective, the proxy must be attached in order to assign a representant.

Every registered artist, wheter is selected or not, authorizes the Institute to permanently keep these documents on its archive.



The selected artists must send their work in High definition through a cloud or digital submission portal, indicating the link to the download. Otherwise, they’ll be taken out of the exhibition.



The results will be known on July 15, in the official event website, as well as on other digital and printed media.

The selected artists as well as the winners will be notified by phone or e-mail.

The selected Works will take part in the Official Festival Exhibition, scheduled to opne on August 05, at 19:00, in the Municipal Palace’s Art Gallery (Portal Hidalgo No.12, Centro Histórico, Puebla, Pue.)



Proposals: until June 8.

Results: July 15.

Reception of Works: July 18-22.

Opening and prize-giving: August 5.



Every selected artist will receive a Participation Record. The first place will receive $40,000.00MX, the second place will receive $20,000.00MX, and the third, $10,000.00MX. The jury might deliver an honorary mention, in case of considering it convenient.

Every selected work will turn into a part of the acquis of the Municipal Art and Culture Institute, for educational purposes.



The members of the jury, Puebla’s Government employees, as well as their direct familiars, cannot participate in the Biennial. 

All the documentation forms, as well as the documents for the register, will remain in the IMACP acquis, and will not be returned to the participants.

Ephemeral works, that contain perishable elements or endanger the security of people or the building, will not be accepted.

If the participant sends the documentation or work by mail, must take into count that packages submitted out of time will not be accepted.








 VEA  2014